Puffy Values & Features


Our core beliefs, values and purpose that drives us to continually strive for excellence can be easily defined by these 3 strong foundation & pillars that holds us all together:
Tranparency: One of the major reasons DeFi will always be a powerful financial force is the fact that it fosters transparency - Every successful project can testify that being transparent and working hand in hand along with the community is one secret ingredient necessary for the success of that project. The team at Puffy Finance will not be an exception to this magic rule. The Puffy Finance team believes strongly in transparency and will ensure the community is carried along every step of the way!
Accountability: It is funny how this works in two ways. Sometimes everything you might need is already available around you. Accountability not only helps you build a reputable bond and relationship with the community but it also strengthens the community to not only trust in the project but to also engage in personal and private promotional affairs and positive steps to contribute to the over all growth and success for every one bmember of the community. At Puffy Finance, you can be rest assured that the team is dedicated, have integrity and always ready to contribute their best to make sure things keep going as well as it could possible get.
Financial Prosperity: One of the reasons we are building this ecosystem is to help as much people as possiblt to attain financial freedom and prosperity. It is impossible to be exposed to the unlimited potentials of decentralized finance and just not admit that it holds the keys to unlock financial prosperity. Cryptocurrencies is one of the few industries and investments that can give investors some of the highest ROIs ever recorded in the history of financial assets & instruments. With all things being equal, The deflationay nature & strategic functionalities of the Puffy Finance ecosystem is one powerful tool that can help all holders and members of the community achieve their financial goals and attain the desired level of financial freedom, security & prosperity we all deserve and look forward to.



With these mutual charateristics that we all have in common which we also foster and encourage between all our community members, we have integrated the following features into all our products and the Puffy Finance ecosystem inorder to also help us all achieve our goals and other mutual objectives:
Deflationary Token: In simple terms a deflationary token is basically one that decreases in market supply over time. The more activities users perform on the $PUFFY ecosystem, the token burn mechanism will keep reducing the available token so therefore as supply decreases and demand increases, the value and price is also expected to grow according too thereby further increase yield & returns for holders and users of the Puffy Finance ecosystem.
Layered Farming: This next-generation DeFi yield farming model gives holders and all participants of the Puffy Finance ecosystem more options to diversify their strategy. It's more like having extra farming layers such that new layers can be called new names for example PUFFY1, PUFFY2, PUFFY3....PUFFYn structured in such a way that if you have PUFFY1, you can easily get PUFFY2 and whatever PUFFY1 you used to earn PUFFY2 will be burnt thereby eliminating it completely from circulation. This innovative methodology keeps the ecosystem constantly evolving and growing while ensuring holders can consistently earn passive revenue through yields, rewards and other amazing financial features/options provided by the Puffy Finance ecosystem.
Dividend Pools: This will allow the $PUFFY token holders to stake and earn such as $MATIC and other valuable crypto assets that will be listed on the platform. In addition to PUFFY Launchpad product that helps other projects built on Polygon network easily get launched and raise funds, the dividend pools will be similar to Pancake pools and holders get to enjoy high APYs with low risk making it a win-win for every member and users of the Puffy Finance ecosystem.
$PUFFY Vault & Auto-Compounding Feature: Think of it as one of the most unique feature of the ecosystem. Imagine if you have to do everything manually, it would be quite stressful right? That's where the $PUFFY Vault & Auto-compounding feature comes in - It automatically compounds your yields and stores them securely for you so that you wouln't have to worry too much on missing our on any rewards of returns when you are not available. That way, you can go about your daily lives and let the auto-compounding do it all for you even when you are not available to do it yourself.
Limited Token Supply: This feature is also another very important one that must be mentioned, the total token supply of $PUFFY as at the time of publishing this page is 50,000,000 tokens. Additional tokens cannot be minted, instead due to its deflationary model, this amount will continue to reduce over time which gives it higher chances of increasing in price and value as supply decreases.
A combination of all this features alongside the Puffy Finance products and ecosystem use-case makes it a unique project with very high earning power, great APYs & remarkable rewards for holders.