Puffy Finance Products

We are bringing more value & solutions to the Polygon ecosystem
As Long As DeFi Will Never Stop Evolving - Puffy Finance Will Never Stop Being Relevant! We don't work with assumptions & theories, we build on facts, statistics & numbers & from our research & deep work - We are strategically positioned for the future of DeFi & explosive growth coming soon to Puffy Finance, Polygon Network, NFTs and Crypto-currencies at large.
Use-case + Strong Community & Marketing/Promos = Unstoppable Project Growth
Below are some of the products and use-case of the $PUFFY governance token:
PUFFY SWAP: Allows users to easily exchange your tokens and other crypto assets at zero to low gas fees on the Puffy Finance decentralized exchange.
Staking & Farming: Earn profitable returns on investment & enjoy higher APYs by Staking or Farming your crypto assets. Low fees across all DeFi yield farms. Users can earn $MATIC, $PUFFY & other valuable and high performing listed crypto assets.
PUFFY NFT: Built for creators & investors. Puffy NFT Marketplace will allow the buying, selling and auction of rare and valuable digital arts.
Raffles & Giveaway: Holders get to enjoy all the benefits of the ecosystem in addition to standing a chance to win rewards, raffles, draws & give-away prizes
Puffy Wallet & Mobile App: Securely store your crypto assets on the Puffy Wallet. The mobile app will also make it easy to access all features of the Puffy Ecosystem
Puffy Launchpad: Puffy Pad aims to help new Polygon with fund-raising, audits, project incubation, marketing & guidance to boost & enhance project success