Connecting Wallet To Polygon

To connect your wallet to the Polygon Network, follow the steps outlined below:
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    First step is to make sure you have Meta-mask wallet already installed. If you dont have yet, then make sure to click here to visit the Meta-mask official homepage to download the appropriate one depending on the browser you are using. Remember, that meta mask is only currently available for the top four major browsers which are Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge & Brave Browser. Click here to download and install metamask on your browser now.​
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    To set up Meta-mask wallet for the Polygon network, click on the drop down button right beside the top part where the Ethereum Mainnet is written and click on Custom RPC as shown below. Don’t worry image might not be the same as image below if your meta mask installation is new but you will still see Custom RPC when you click the dropdown:
3. After you will see the fields as in the screenshot image below:
4. Now copy and paste the following details in to the fields below:
Network Name: Polygon Mainnet New RPC URL: 2.2k ChainID: 137 Symbol: MATIC Block Explorer URL:​
And click save! That’s it. You have successfully added the Polygon mainnet network to your meta-mask wallet. However, if you want to add the testnet, then simply follow all the steps above but enter the testnet details as below:
Network Name: Mumbai TestNet New RPC URL: 157 ChainID: 80001 Symbol: MATIC Block Explorer URL:​
Please note that you cannot buy tokens on mainnet with the Polygon testnet.
Once you click save, you can now switch between networks on your wallet.

Now lets quickly cover how to add the Puffy Finance token to your wallet.

Very similar to the steps above, to add the Puffy Finance token to your wallet, first make sure you are on Polygon Network and then scroll down to click on import tokens incase you might also see Add token on your app.
The next screen will ask you to enter the contract address of the custom token you want to add. So copy and paste the official Puffy Finance contract address below and paste.


After you paste the contract address, you can select the number of decimals you want maybe 1 or 2 or anything you want and then click on the Add Custom Token. That’s it! You have just added Puffy Finance to your wallet.
Please make sure to stick around for more important updates and progress on the project so you don’t miss out on this next generation defi ecosystem coming to Polygon network.
Incase you need any help for further assistance, our team are always around to make sure you get all the support you need. Stay connected and join us via all the social details and links below:
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