Welcome To Puffy Finance

Hey! Let us tell you briefly about what we have cooking up for you!
Introducing Puffy Finance:
Puffy Finance is a next generation decentralized trading ecosystem, AMM & liquidity on 0xPolygon Network and Binance Smart Chain with a deflationary governance token, layered farming & dividend pools.
The platform also comes with the $PUFFY Vault + Auto-Compounding function that makes it easy to compound your yields and returns easily, fast and automatic.
What's in it for you:
Users can swap & trade tokens, Enjoy great yield & APYs. There will also be raffles, lottery & give-aways from time to time to reward and ecourage loyal holders and community members. Other features includes buying, selling & auction of NFTs on the Puffy Finance NFT Marketplace amongst several other features.
Users can also farm LP tokens, earn $MATIC, $PUFFY & other listed assets.
PS: Best time to start earning rewards is now! Don't wait till the price pumps high
... and thats why:
Puffy Finance will be running on the 0xPolygon Network, Binance Smart Chain and other Ethereum EVM Compatible applications thus users also get to enjoy little to zero fees on transactions. You also get to earn $MATIC, $BNB and other highly perfoming top crypto assets.
The ecosystem has been strategically structured such that the token burn and management of circulating supply will not only make the governance token - $PUFFY a deflationary one but will also create an healthy market and environment that is free from whale manipulations while ensuring healthy anmd consistent growth in value of token price and easier entry for new users.
The inter-operability nature of the platform makes it possible for continuous innovation and relevance of the Puffy Finance ecosystem to the DeFi world, Polygon ecosystem & Binance Smart Chain Network at large.
We have a vision & a future together:
Our vision is to be the number one AMM & Liquidity protocol on multi-chain ecosystem. Thus we are focused on making sure our marketcap never stops growing and with the powerful and loyal community that we are already becoming - This goal is looking more positive and easier to achieve with every single passing day.
We encourage you to join us today as we buiild the next generation of DeFi on Polygon Network & Binance Smart Chain. Welcome to Puffy Finance! You are officially invited to join the most active and innovative DeFi project with the highest probability & potential for success so why not stick around & grow with us!
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